Saturday, July 17, 2010

July ride a fantastic day, with a bad ending

Well a mid winter ride with a min around 8deg C, sorts the men from the boys....but what a glorious blue day to have a ride ......... one of our favourite longer rides out through Beaudesert ( & a cuppa/brekky at Macca’s), across the border ranges along the Lions Rd to Kyogle then back up through Murwillumbah to the pub at Tumbulgum for lunch before winding our way through the hinterland to the freeway & home.

We are alway's wary of those wandering cows (just ask Ken & Dave B) on the road but nothing except those annoying cars. It was David Eames first time over the mountain and despite what seemed to be an increased number of "pot holes" he certainly enjoyed it.

To find out more about the Lions Rd , click HERE

The road from Kyogle to Murwillumbah again seemed to have degraded since we last road it, lots of roadworks detracted from some of the magical moments and views. We though had the Tumblegum Tavern and its great chicken burger to look forward to.
We were joined there by Larry and his mighty Vespa scooter after having serious battery problems....but showing his true grit ,he soldiered on and caught us for lunch.

After that delicious interlude Larry lead us up the back way to Tugan, then a quick trip back on the M1.......and the end of another GREAT RIDE...or so I thought....
They say the most dangerous time for a ride is the last few minutes from....well I unfortunately was the one to experience this. A little too excessive front braking coming onto a busy round-a-bout, front wheel dives to the ground and 300kg green machine does a 20mtr slide....with me following.

Thanks to some great crash bars and the right riding gear meant only some scrapes,bent crash bar & broken panier lock......oh yes, I only have a sprained knee and ankle....but how good are people (yes even drivers)...checking out how I was, calling an ambulance (which didn't need) and had a biker stayed with me till the "trouble & strife arrived (she thought he was part of our band of bikers). God was good ,with so much traffic around was fortunate they Dave, does give me membership of the "bruce" club?