Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Rains - 20th Wet ride an experience

We left Gateway under threatening sky's with two new riders , Leo (the mask man - 2 weeks into his riding career) on his Aquila and Phil on his Suzuki for our ride down through Numinbah Valley.

It was a quick run down the freeway before heading off at Nerang and down the Valley. A great
ride...some twisties for the "sports riders" and awesome straights with amazing vista's for the "cruisers" . The backdrop of the scenic rim was truly inspiring check out the following pics

By the time we reach the boarder the rain had started to come all the boy's forgot the view and went looking for the wet weather gear.
The view down the valley was not good...but we agreed to roll on very gingerly down to Chillingham where we were desperate for a coffee. We made it down, just before a large number of bike groups turned up..unfortunately Chillingham is not the coffee capital of NSW.

We decided to take the scenic route to Murwillumbah through Tyalgum. The boys promptly declared that it looked like it was fining up and took off their wet weather that was a guarantee that the rain would return....and it certainly did,continued through to the Tumby pub for lunch.... it still beautiful ride even in the rain...... though those painted schools zone signs on the road in the rain, very slippery, just ask Larry and his scooter, not nice "fish tailing" to the wrong side of the road.

Yes it was a wet ride but then...anyride is a good one with good riding buddies, awesome scenary and a great lunch at Tumby Pub.

Check out a little video of riding in "November rain" HERE