Friday, December 16, 2011

Novembers Magnificent "M's" ride

After not riding in October we were all keen to put some "K"s on the bikes with all the "M,s" ride ie. Mt Mee, Maleny, Montville and Mappleton...a ride we haven't done for a year. We gave Maloolaba a miss this time but usuallya great spot for an ice coffee by the beach.
We had a great turn out for the ride, so while Dave luxurated with his life group on a beautiful motor cruiser on the bay, 15 of us headed of through Samford Valley and Daybro to Mt Mee.

Tim, a "chappy" with a V-Max

Paul looking great with hi Suzuki..but what's the go with the skulls

Joe...... all ready for cruising

Ron, over from MTM for a ride

Peter...the "map man" and his suzuki sporty

Joddie, Petes better half, with a great exhaust

All lined up ready to go
We love a big group but challenging getting through the city and its traffic lights....but once on the road and having a lat'e or two...its fantastic. After a great run through Samford and up Mt Mee we stopped at "Birches Resteraunt" for brunch...and thanks to Dave Waltons call ahead we were met with a fabulous spread and had an awesome time...thanks Dave for your generosity.
Sam..... how good does he look with the rose (ha,ha)
After a great stop at Mt Mee  it was off on the great twistie run dow the mountain, through Woodford and back up the mountain to Maleny. What a great ride this is, a great variety of riding condition and what beautiful scenery. So it was up through Maleny to Montville for lunch...yes more food. We stop at our favourite "Edge" resteraunt overlooking  the whole of the sunshine coast.

Its a tough life on the road but someone has to do it, we again enjoyed some great food and chatting interesting are peoples stories, I love this community.
Joes certainly seem to be enjoying the stop and enjoyed showing off his biker T-Shirt.
We lingered a little longer before we decided to head off, it was getting a little late and the bones were aching too much to head off through Maloolooba as normal, so it was down through Nambour and back on the freeway for home..... ah another fantastic ride for our band of bikers.