Thursday, August 30, 2012

August - Queen Mary Falls never ceases to amaze

We had a big compliment of riders for our ride on a beautiful blue day for our 350km ride out through Beaudesert, Rathdowney, Queen Mary Falls and over the top through Kilarney and battling strong winds  home through Cunningham's gap.

 We again enjoyed the company of some new bikes , a beautiful red trumpy, a Bergman 650 scooter and BMW 650 GS
Dave Walton's new BMW GS650
Pauls beautiful red trumpy
Jo's first ride with his 650 Bergman 

Peter & Des with their pride & joy,a  Guzzi and Triump
a large turnout were ready and eager for a great ride
with John & Jan's MG as our support vehicle we headed off to Beaudesert for a morning tea at Macca's. We had a few bikes peal off at that stage to make their way home, the rest of us headed off to Rathdowney...then on to the climb up to Queen Mary Falls. It was a great 30km run out past Maroon dam to the turn off.
 And up the magical road, straight out of the "Lord of the rings" to the escarpment and a beautiful Aussie view. The wind was up and I think everyone enjoyed the brief stop.
Jason had a little problem with his stand and wind
Grahame and Marjorie were enjoy the ride

Jan was happy to stay inside the MG. a bit to cold outside
It was then off to Queen Mary falls themselves and a hot meal....some great conversation and a walk around he falls themselves.
bikes parked up outside caravan park store

Peter Sutherland gazing out on a very beautiful Queen Mary's waterfall. It was a surprise seeing so much water around given the dryness. It was good to get a little exercise with the 10 min walk to the observation area

OK lads lets mount up for a run to Cunningham's gap
What a great ride home...down through Kilarney and Settlers route, a short cut to Cunningham's gap and WOW wasn't it a challenge riding down with a strong cross wind but a little adventure was a great finish to a wonderful ride. Love to ride and love this weather.