Monday, December 24, 2012

"Hot Way Round" - Day 4 the road home

We geared up on a cool morning in Glen Innes for our final day on the road-trip. It promises to be a stark contrast to our first 2 days with some beautiful bike riding through the Gibraltar national park to Grafton, then up the Summerland way to Casino, onto Kyogle and over our final range to Beaudesert then home.....but first some breakfast at Macca's of course and a fill for the bikes.

It was with a little trepidation that we headed off... we just had to remember what it was like leaning around corners, using our brakes and watching for wet slippery roads....and travelling at outback speeds...but everyone was looking for this last day.

So off we went , in low temp, the road looking new having been clean by the large storm that had swept through and limited traffic....just like the Gwidar Highway, which we had ridden from the hot, flat west , was now saying.."come on, I am all yours"
Magnificent Gibraltar  National Park
a break to enjoy the scenery

Mike looking for a snap
some fellow travelers on the road

Am sure you would agree that it there was some great riding was had by all as we made our way over the Gibralta national park then tracked the Mann river towards Grafton. Truly spectacular
 Now can you guess what Mike , our resident paparzzi, was up to in the picture below as Andrew parked near the Maan river.

Mike doing some close up photgraphy
worth the stop?

So after stopping for the obligatory Macca's stop at Grafton it was then off on our well travlled road ...the summerland way...through Casino. Continued to be amazed as to how many people mow the grass on the side of the all looks most sureal to ride through. We stopped brefly in Casino for Des to stretch his Hamstrings ....and I had to find my keys.
sure keys are here somewhere

It was then onto our well driven path through Kyogle then over one last mountain range, through Rathdowney to Beaudesert. What away to fininsh usual at what seems to be our most frequented food stop...Macca's...again.

So after freshing up we retrieved our luggage from the support vehicle, tied them on the bike and headed home with so many great memories , hugely contrasting landscapes, interesting people, places and things.....and great mates. We will remember the "Hot Way Round" for a long, long way....or at least untill next year for the "Bushrangers" trip.

just one more photo
Some last reflection from the trip..... our wonderful Paparazzi who never left us alone and captured lots of great memories...too many to put in one blog......and of course the "PRAYING MEN"
 Please one more phoe, please help this BBQ fire up.
Then of course there was always the food, that we would be invited to the Banqueting table (chinese that is)
Then, the most famouse prayer of all from the very patient and ultimately triumphant Des.... "Lord can you please take this Moto Guzzi from me...but your will, not mine be done
the awesome Guzzi

the Faces of roadtrip 2012 - The Hot way round.