Monday, February 18, 2013

February Rains ...and a long breakfast

Well the weather forecasts were bleak..... predicting rain and lots of it but we had planned a short ,local ride starting with breakfast down at Springwood Suzuki. Peaking through the blinds early suggested that we might get away with a dry ride..... looks are deceiving aren't they ,what a difference a few km's make

Well we had 5 hardy souls turn up at Gateway for our short ride to Springwood Suzuki for breakfast then on to Jacobs Well and Calypso Bay. We waited until the rain eased up then headed off , navifating the dreaded u-turn bck down Mt Gravatt-capalaba rd.
Kathy on Guzzi with Aura

So on arriving at Suzuki we were surprised to be met by a few more motorcyclists and the about six who ditched their bikes ( and the wet weather ) and drove down for a litle mototcycling community.
Chris taking a pic of me taking a pic og her
Dave happy with his new addition,
a valid rego and number plate

Debbie brings some bling
how good is this good food,good mates and bikes

...and yes , they did have some bikes as well fact a lovey Moto Guzzi Tourer

Brenton checking out a A kitted out Vstrom
Brenton carrying Kevin Swanz

Leigh assured me there was
no shrinkage when wet
So us hardy souls kitted up for our ride down the road to Jacobs Well and Calyspso Bay ,hoping the weather would behave
Des and Cathie on the mighty red Guzzi
a magpie centre stage
an Irish pub at Calypso Bay...nice
Kathy's purse has the right stuff
Des enjoying a pillion riders company

praying the weather holds for run home