Monday, August 26, 2013

Wrong way round ride - a chilly August day

Finally it started feeling like winter with the temps down and blue sky abounding...after a planning disruption with land slides on the way to Queen Mary falls, our Guest route planner ,Ron Grant, came up with a Gem of 340km. This took in some new roads to explore SE of Beaudesert, a fantastic up and over Darlington range and then, for me the wrong way around from Rathdowney, up and down Summerland way to Lions Rd then back to Beaudesert.

We enjoyed the company of over 20 people on 19 bikes including a Mustang convertible support vehicle.

Trevor & Jan
Ride leader, Ron and his not so beloved Guzzi Californian does that "corner man " thing work Ron?
Cav and drew enjoying a man cuddle

assembling outside Gateway

Ron, an experienced biker (loves the dirt) introduced us to the "corner man"strategy where on every change of direction a person if left to direct the following riders..they then join the group when they see the "sweeper"who is the last rider come along...apart from the latter not having a fluro vest it worked a one got lost and everyone rotated through the group.
We made our way out to Macca's Beaudesert, picking up a couple of riders along the way....we manage to pack out the outside area....scared off a few kids.

Came across an interesting site when we were topping up the tank at the owner of the car said..."I can leave $1,000 cash on the dashboard and leave the car with no problems"!

We left Beaudesert for the 200km round trip run south-east over Darlington range , through Rathdowney, and some great descents, twisties and even smoke from a burn off

finally stopping at "Ripples on the Creek" for a good , if not slow lunch. It was a great relaxed time.

There was impressive and interest line up in the car park
the twins - kawasaki 900 custom

the intimidating "Hoggs inc" with Daryl & Brett
A greeting from all the riders......

A postscript to the ride .... do you want to buy a Guzzi Des?