Monday, March 23, 2015

Great Sunshine Coast circuit in March

a family portrait at "Pit Stop" brekky stop

A group over over 30 bikes joined us on our march Band of Bikers Sunshine coast 350km circuit. A few new riders joined us as we left on an overcast day not aware of what we were to ride back into later in the day.
new bikers and new bikers..can't keep the smile off their face

A great ride up through the Sunshine coast hinterland, plenty of diverse types roads and fantastic landscapes.
Once we got through the drive through the city and past the miriad number of police who we thought had mistaken us for an outlaw biker group...but were really just stopping traffice for soldier access from Enoggera barrack...darn, would have been a good story :)

heading up Mt Mee

rolling into Pit stop for brekky

Community and food are very important for the Band of Bikers

So it was off down the Mountain , through Woodford and climbing back up the hill to Maleny

Down a great road towards Kenilworth and Bellbird Creek Cafe for lunch

riding just makes you smile all day long....................................
Richard has an extra big smile after riding his "Blackbird"

After a good fill for lunch it was into Kenilworth for a topup for some small bladder then started to rain , a worry as we were heading up the steep Obi Obi Road ...thankfully it dried up as we pushed up the winding track, stopping at the Mappleton Falls

Captain risky laugh's at Danger signs!!!

From Mapleton we ran along the ridge through Montville towards Maleny before heading down the hill to Landsborough and the Steve Irwin Way to that boring freeway.
We could see the ominous signs as we headed toward Brisbane...finally getting rained on past Caboolture, thankfully no where near as heavy and hour earlier.....thankfully everyone made it home safe and sound after a wonderful day.

Paulette,one of our new riders is a great go getting character, with here loud harley 883, you cannot but enjoy her company