Thursday, February 23, 2012

Australia Motorcycle Expo on the Gold Coast 18/2/12

Glorious weather for our ride on the weekend which made us all the more eager to be out on the road.  After a very pleasant mountain experience over west mount cotton we joined the expressway for a little bit of speed to blow away the cobwebs. Then off the expressway again and onto the country roads again at Yatala and the route thru’ Tamborine to Canungra.

Seems like everyone on the coast and other places was revving up to for the Expo, as the favourite café was jammed when we arrived and the parking lot was full of sweet machines (and the air was thick with exhaust for those on street tables)!
Australian Motorcycle Expo a great event
Only a few intrepid souls ventured the heat and traffic lights on the way to the expo, which was fantastic. Check out the Indian photo attached, and Dave with his potential water bike.
Another fine day was had, but then any excuse is always good for a ride in the country.
interested in a custom ride?

lots of bikes at the "Outpost"

Lyn interested in her own "victory"

...unless Pete gets to it first

a shiny new 900 that smell