Friday, April 6, 2012

A Beautiful Boonah Bike ride in March many sports bikes..where are the cruisers?

Although missing a few regular riders, a group of 11 bikers on 9 bikes set off from Gateway on St Patty’s Day under cloudy skies. We welcomed first timers Jenna on her black Ninja and Russell on his blue Suzie 650F (that made 2 of those with our leader David on his usual blue 650F). 
Russell and Blue Susie

Jenna and the Ninja
Warricks wild new V-strom..matches his jacket

Heading south and then west our party increased to 10 bikes when Glen joined us at Logan Village on his Busa. Lovely country aromas of bush flora and cow manure wafted through our helmets as we headed south along Mt Lindesay Highway! A leisurely morning tea (brekky for some) was enjoyed at Beaudesert Maccas (where there were already 2 other bike groups).

100% healthy biker food!
Then it was off onto the Boonah road where we experienced pleasant aromas from the refuse station (not!) before discovering the new Wyaralong Dam recreational area, so scenic and peaceful, even after we arrived! We got off our bikes to enjoy the water views and the mountains (sorry Veronica, I mean “hills”). Back onto the main road we enjoyed the high quality deviation constructed because the dam submerged the old road. Under David’s control, we all stuck to the 100 km/h limit, much to the frustration of others – Richard was later heard to say “I didn’t realize 100 km/h felt so slow”!
what a beautiful don't knock over the dominos

Ah the life of the retiree...Grahame
now lets look knowledgeable

 Turning onto the Boonah – Ipswich road some heavy spots of rain appeared but quickly disappeared, thankfully. This was a good country road with plenty of scenery to enjoy (which you can do when you’re sticking to the speed limit). A short stop at Peak Crossing to say goodbye to some and then it was into Yamanto Maccas for some more sustenance and a good friendly chat. It was pleasing to see the big grin on young Jenna’s face at every stop – further evidence of how enjoyable riding in the country is. Rain came (and went) while we sat at Maccas but the roads weren’t too wet when we set off for home via the Centenary Highway, with its numerous large roundabouts (nice for bikes), and then along the toll road (to have our tails photographed). Another great day on two wheels in beautiful SE Qld country.