Friday, June 28, 2013

A perfect Junes Winters ride

A chill was in the air and the sky crystal blue as over 20 bikes a number of pillions gathered at Gateway for our monthly ride...this time through the cane fields to Jacobs Well, then a steep climb up Henry Roberts Drive to an even chillier Mt Tamborine.
appologise for blatant promo but did enjoy the bakery
We again enjoyed the company of about 8 riders from the social riding group "the Newbies" for the second time, it was awesome to see the front of Gateway full of bikes and people enjoying some community.
 We had a wide variety of bikes on the ride from early model guzzi's and triumphs to the latest BMW's....big cruisers to smaller sportz bikes...and the obligatory support vehicles with John and his MG and our periodic photographic crew in the form of Andrew and his liberty......all are welcome !!!

It was a long convoy that snaked its way out of Gateway for our run down Mt Cotton Rd and the fantastic short ride down West Mt Cotton Rd.
It was then on to the cane fields of Jacobs Wells and nearly 30 people descending on a small bakery (see pic at the top) ,we had to wait a little longer but enjoyed the opportunity for some community time.

Sarab and his sporty hysong 250
Mike and his BMW

From Jacobs Well we headed off to the steep climb Henry Roberts Drive to North Tamborine...making our way to the hang gliding launch was cold as can be seen by the pics

its not a bandit...just Don keeping warm
Paul keeping warm in the helmet...with Richard

its camera's at 20 paces with Mike

a lovely De Bruin family pic
With a chilly wind blowing on the mountain across we headed off to the warm fire on offer at a cosy Irish bar....arriving a little early for lunch we settle in for a good chat and refreshing drink. Half of the group made their way up the main street for an early lunch, the rest set in for a nice time on a cold Saturday on the mount...a great time get to know newbies and sharing community.
the boys enjoying some Irish hospitality

tow mikes enjoying a chat

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