Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A great twisty ride with an interesting encounter

Another fantastic day in the great Sth East greeted 20 bikers assembled for our ride south through the Numinbah Valley. With all the publicity about biker laws I inquired who might have tattoo's ...a couple of ladies put up their hands!! Little did I know that knowledge would come in handy.

We welcomed Al and Evonne on their Moto Guzzi Stelvio and Leo's new bike yes he has a cruiser and sports bike...what a great wife!
Leo's second bike

Al & Evonne and Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Off we took south heading for the hinterland inland from Nerang, then onto the great Numinbah Valley road...with our corner-man system in place ...yep thats me with the leaders fluro vest..looks great.

it was a great ride down the valley and as we pulled into the Numinbah Cafe we were greeted with a visit from motorway police.... in the end all very innocent ( yes police need toilet breaks). They ended up explaining their interpretation of the new bikie laws and played along with some members who had tats.

interesting selfy with Al sorting out what the laws are abt

taken into custody but the vest gives it away

So whilst we enjoyed a good morning tea we were glad to get out of there and head off to the lovely timber town of Tyalgum
Love that road into Tyalgum....and what a cute town... Leigh didn't look that impressed though?

Then we wound our way towards Murwillumbah with Dave Walton leading the way to a nice lunch spot at the art galley and what a nice ride it was.....

We all descended on the Murwillumbah Art gallery with its great food and fantastic view over the Valley & river. Des certainly enjoyed his cuppa tea and bought some class to the proceedings.

ahhh....another magic ride in the great sth east...check out some video below