Thursday, November 28, 2013

Parting the storm clouds- amazing ride around the Dams

Was woken by large thunder claps, lightning and heavy rain early Saturday morning.. the wife rolled over and said..."your NOT going riding in this are you?" to which I replied....of course! I then made a quick run to my computer and the BoM weather radar to be relieved to see the storms were a passing thin line with nothing behind them!! So, a quick text confirming the ride was on to our band of bikers...a quick brekky...geared up and off for an amazing days riding with some 22 bikes joining in.
ok the picture didn't look too good!

I arrived at Gateway the road to a completely dry road and number of newbies
Phil and his big Kawasaki cruiser

Sam and his Yamaha

Peter  and his green machine

Mark and his 250 Yamaha Virago
now where does the oil go ahain
We had another bike join with his unhappy owner all the way from Tasmania..... think his name is Leigh.. a honda with top box and fancy (loud) muffler and  a safety vest...what more could you want!

oh come on leigh..its not that bad

Oh more revamped bike.. my 900 custom resplendent with dual silver stripes (thanks Dave W) and a new sissy bar and luggage rack for our upcoming roadtrip

So with around 22 bikes in the end and a few pillions thrown in we assembled to head off to Esk for morning tea then around somerset dam and the back of Wivenhoe dams

So off to Esk bakery....another great ride with a great a great group of mates....

but I think Brenton recognised Des despite his helmet
it was fabulous riding one we got onto the Somerset-esk rd 

it was a short stop for a refreshing drink at the Somerset camp store and we witnessed the benefits of a reverse gear...thanks Drew and the Honda Goldwing

Leo can't believe it..a reverse gear
Meanwhile the boys showed of their -shirts

we then made our way back to the famous fernvale bakery , with dome riders taking the Mt Gorious run home, as we watched the very dark clouds gathered

Most bikers headed off a little north of the storm but alas I had no choice but to make a run for it... I found out what getting hit with small hail felt like, fortunately I made it into my local servo (crammed in with a host of vehicles) before the golf size ball hail hit followed by torrential rain.

fortunately all other drivers made it home unscathed...ah what a ride in the great south east.

Check out a short video of the ride below..sorrow about the wind noise..could not mute.