Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Bushranger Tour - day 1

Band of Bikers Run Down Thunderbolt’s Way - Leigh Keilar

It was a balmy morning with suns early light filtering through palm fronds at the biker bands hideout on the Gateway at McKenzie in late November.
For the word had got around at the news the 

Biker Band would make a run for the border and the Traps they were a nervous when they heard they would run with the Tasmanian, Leigh (Leroy) McQueeney in disguise as a Queenslander.

The riders lulled about posticulating whose mount was supreme; the testosterone redolent atmosphere had the riders ready to race with their points to prove. Their steeds sat idly waiting chrome glinting and reflecting the waxing suns light in the early morning.   
The time had come for the headlong rush toward the border; riders mounted, caressed their steeds and with a twist of their keys, mornings early quiet was shattered with a mighty roar as their steeds quivered expectantly for the off.

Through the madding crush of people in their vehicles whizzing by, the Bike Band did forge their way toward the border, to take a break and wet their whistles, for an hour had transpired since the breakout had begun with a run through pleasant farmland into the Fassifern Valley to find a watering hole at Boonah in the hollow of the hills.

..I think I can .I think I can
Mounting once more the riders did depart to Stanthorpe for a well earned rest and food for their bellies. Brinx Deli did supply superb savoury mince & pies, passionfruit torte, coffee  and dessert; ahhh but Phil (The Streak) was caught short by a mighty sandwich delivered to his  table; Phil was obscured behind a hefty carbohydrate lump, but with a mighty chomp Phil did devour the whole lump to then stagger to his stead, mount and bring it to its knees, while mates did stiffen up its suspension.
whats the fuss about.... never would happen to a guzzi
Poor Phoenix Ken (his bike rose from the dead) did mount the mighty BMW (Bavarian Might Work) to find its heart had given out. The boys did gather round to offer consolation while Leigh (Leroy) McQueeney did compressions on the chest/tank to try and resuscitate the poor beast. Paul (Captain Crusty) blew 30 breaths per minute down the exhaust pipe, but alas it did require heart transplant. 
David (Captain Midnight, awake in the early hours) with resourcefulness did source a battery replacement, with a twist and a screw they did replace the defunct battery. At the command of stand clear the paddles were applied to elicit a thunderous roar as the patient/bike leaped to life. 
Some rain & a big sandwich..."I'll have what he is having"...Capt Midnight...and Leigh was testing rear facing camera
yes it was raining...but bikes were secure
The Band of Bikers headed off on their ride toward the border as forest clad rangers loomed ahead enticing them to ride the ridges, to sweep down curving roads into the valleys; through rain the riders forged undeterred toward their destination at the Oxford Hotel in Inverell where they lay low around the bar into the evening.

For from day 1 check out the video below...just can't do justice with a camera though