Friday, April 18, 2014

Aprils Highlights ride

Due to Easter falling on our normal riding day we moved it forward a week and ,Wow, weren't we blessed with the most amazing autumn weather, a short but glorious ride and again a convoy of 30 bikes and 35 people.( including a growing band from the God Coast Chapter).

 says it all.....hang-glider launch site at Nth Tamborine

As mentioned it was a short 200km ride but touched on some of the highspots of the Gold Coast hinterland starting with breakfast at Canungra Trading Post Cafe, climb up the mountain to Beechmont, right to morning tea at Binna Burra then retracing our ride down the mountain to the steep climb up Henry Roberts drive to the Hang gliders at Nth Tamborine..lunch at Spice of Life and home by 3pm..Fantastic.

Ian and his Suzuki road with his son

We welcomed a number of new riders and bikes which is always a great excitement, thanks Dave for his Red BMW S1000R. It was great to ride with Toby's Aunty Lucy from Darwin... as she said, riding in NT is left after 300km...Right after 200km...a little different from our excursion this day.

Yes, we love your BMW S1000R too!
I was a little concerned with Sooo..many sports bikes hanging out behind my cruiser...with lots of twisties and great roads but they all behaved!

Leo and David-Paul admiring all those sports bikes

I mention that this was a really highlights package...check out what Google's auto-awesome put together

Cathy ready to jump on the might Guzzi out of Canungra
We wove our way out of Canungra and up the mountain to Beachmont, a great twisty road leading up to exposed plateau

Leigh leaning into the corner on the mighty Tiger
what can you say...Beautiful Beechmont

not a cloud in the sky on the top of Beechmont
As we gazed at the beautiful views we came upon the car that managed to catch us on double line most of the way to Binna Burra...urgh!!

so where is wally?...I mean THAT car
Once we finally go clear of THAT car we enjoyed to beautiful a great run up to Binna Burra for some more tucka. I did have to concentrate on the narrow road with the amazing views beckoning..appologise to Steve on his Honda for going too slow,  I thought someone was breathing down my neck.
Binna Burra Cafe view to Hinz Dam....

Dave enjoying the photo opp whilst Steve and Brenton are deep in conversation

Kathy is always excited
Liegh and Fiance enjoying Binna burra cafe
Leaving Binna Burra we enjoyed an unencumbered ride back to Beechmont and down the mount....apart from Drew who managed to leave his wallet back at Canungra...I think it was just an excuse just to ride the road again.

So down the mount then up to Henry Roberts drive, a steep road up to Mt Tamborine.... finally making our way to watch the Hanf gliders..what a wondrous sight.

that photo again...worth a look
the hang glider flying into the sun

Des having a great day
Off to the spice of life for more food and good conversation .. our kingdom for a reverse gear..
Leo in reverse
...Drew was looking forward to some good tucka

So as we split up and made our way home it ended one amazing ride ... 31deg and beautiful blue skies and even greater people, you gotta get into this, riding in the great south east.

check out the longer video below