Saturday, January 3, 2015

Headin Sth - DesDay 4 - the road home

As we prepared for our last day on the road and as one of those old buggers...I reflected on the truth of the above true ...but unfortunately we have to go home and back to normality of life.
Steve and Des loading up early to leave
So we left Emerville and made our way back to Tenterfield ..then turning off Summerland Way and winding our way up to Woodenbong and over the hill back down Mt Lindsay Highway to Brisbane.

Des getting a farewell from Dot

We would recommend the Club hotel to any bikers looking for some authentic country hospitality... as you cansee in the pic with Des being waved off by Dot, one of the owners.

riding out of emmerville
Again the weather was perfect again for our ride, I forgot how good riding was out this way..we headed for Tenterfield and fuel top up where we told of a great place for morning tea..."The Willow Tree Cafe" after scouring the main street of Tenterfield we gave up and parked to grab a coffee from any cafe! The irony of the following picture was not lost on us as Steve park but two shops away from the cafe we were looking for and stood right under ..yes, an optometrist sign :)

It has been a running joke that Des always gets his coffee first, so after a chat to the waitress we made sure he was last...poor Des.

So, with stomach's full we headed out off on the Buxner Highway, beautiful tree lined road  before turning off to to meandered through the beautiful valley & mountain on average roads to Woodenbog. 

Enjoyed it so much that I forgot to take any pics so picked a few from Google images just for you that give you a little taste of its remoteness. We stopped for a break in Woodenbong and couldn't but appreciate the Crown Hotel with road and trail bike on roof!

So we finally made it back to familiar Territory, Mt Lindsay Highway twisting down the hill, past Mt Barney and more beautiful vista's, we were making good time and had decided to grab lunch at our usual stop at  Macca's at Beaudesert ... but believe it or not, came across some tree felling on the highway which stopped us in our tracks.... a funny ending to such a free-wheeling roadtrip. The pic says it all!!
you can almost hear the growling...let us go!!
Santa was not impressed either

 So it was a frustrating waiting game but thankfully we had the big red Honda with its full sound system to entertain us all.

Drew & meagan park the big red for the last feed.
extensive research by Des suggest an ave 2.5 people on phone per stop!!
And so the roadtrip wound down with a calorie load and some fond farewells and great memories .... this was another awesome roadtrip that will take some beating as we hit some of the best riding roads in Australia...with a group of riders you the likes of which you could never better.... thanks for the memories!! 

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