Thursday, January 1, 2015

Headin Sth - Day 3 more great roads

After a later start and breakfast we left the Commercial Hotel Dorrigo , fuelled up and road up the street to one of our favourate places, Juan's Cafe and the smallest motorcycle in the world for a coffee...but the curse of the broken bike rack struck again..not Des this time!!

Thought I would through in this pic of Johaan at a late night coffee the night before...hmm things that bikers get up to on a roadtrip..

Dave enjoying one of his favourite road-trip watering holes ....Steve just happy to be able to check his emails and keep the business demands at bay whilst on the road.. Richard & Johann just chillin!

love that headmaster look steve :)
Now off to the Dorrigo Danger Waterfalls for a little look

Johaan enjoying the dry weather this year... he remembers keeping out of the we weather last year in the bus shelter.
We did see a warning sign for someone that look the mythical best called "the Yowie" :)

Now we got the touristy bit out of the way it was off riding on some great roads, continuing on Waterfall Wat then on Armidale road through some unbelievable landscape and back down the moutain with a a thousand twisties as we headed to Grafton for lunch.

On these fast, curvy roads you need to be aware of the locals , I tried the crocodile dundee hypnosis which thankfully seemed to work.

Those poor sports bike riders  have to spend their time hanging around in the shade waiting for some of us slower riders...its a great look.

We now headed off toward Nimboida and the twisties that saw Dave, and the big BMW come to a ballerina type fall on last years trip...thankfully the road has now been sealed and is very smooooth no such troubles this year :)

we battled some slippery spills form a recent cattle truck
Thanks Steve for another great view ...and the delicate riding of our leader for he day, Richard.

We made our way down the great Armidale Rd , stopped for a break at Nimboida then pushed on through the rolling hills to Grafton and lunch at the local RSL , right on the Mclean river
After lunch it was off on another magic road, the Gwydir Highway that winds its way through the Gibralter National Park to Glenn Innes.....and many more curves. Took a short break at a look out for the obligatory selfie....but with dark storm clouds massing where were heading we thought it best not to be caught on this difficult road in a storm.

As we raced off along the Gwydir...Steve suddenly pull off the road for what I thought was a jornt in the bush but we came out to another magnificent site..the Strawberry lookout....and again , the obligatory selfie, then geared up for a run through some cold and wet weather.
Just couldn't take all the magic in ......

So back on the bike to get wet ...and it was cold water..from a very high place..

..after a fuel & warm up at Glenn Innes servo and Macca's.

We couldn't believe just 5 minutes later as we headed for our nights accommodation at the the Club Hotel Emerville , that it was bone dry ...  blue sky...big sweeping curves we arrived at a place we stayed on our second roadripe over 6 years ago...and, after settling in our bikes in the stable (just like Jesus), though Daves bike did want to have a lie down:)

assumed assumed our usual position on the pub verandah, afterall it was Pizza Night

It was another great Emerville experience.... enjoying the country hospitality and accommodation with some intrigue thrown in at 3:30am when all the fire alarms went off...thankfully just a malfunction but.... seeing mine host in his unmentionables was a scary sight we are trying to get our of our minds.