Friday, December 11, 2015

No Christmas Belgium Waffles but bikes a plenty

Awoke to the forecast light drizzle which eventually turned into rain.... causing a rethink to our planned Christmas Belgium Waffle run to Mt Tamborine. So with a hardcore group of 5 bikes and one pillion we settled for the more local option of Tony's Cafe at Springwood Suzuki.
Whilst we missed out on out traditional Belgium Waffle...we did get to check out plenty of bikes and enjoy some great community.

 We welcomed Ray Atherton on his first ride (if only a short one) today and we look for many more rides with him and his Honda CB500. Also enjoyed time with our resident biking expert Ron Grant..this semi-retirement is doing him good :) 

With the rain falling outside some good food and lots of bike discussions made for a good morning
A bit of salivation on an Aprilla by Ron and plenty of other enticements we enjoyed our morning.

,,,so to all Band of Bikers we wish you a safe and blessed Christmas and a safe year...and thanks for another great year of riding!