Thursday, December 17, 2015

Roadtrip Day 2 - Walking the Wondorous Carnarvon Gorge

After a sumptuous meal, a good nights sleep (despite the bats nocturnal habits) and the words of Ranger Danny Bakker ringing in our ears...."its going to be hot, need to be back by 11am, we leave at 6am!! we all were all up very early for brekky and our support vehicle shuttle to the gorge.....hold on ...bikers don't walk 17km on a roadtrip?
It was a sunny day and everyone was keen to walk and see this beautiful gorge was a little different as we staggered back some 4 hours later but despite a few cramps and running out of water everyone survived!!

Danny Bakker had plotted a walk to all the major sights that are all accessed from the single gorge access. The beauty of the gorge and surrounds was overwhelming...spirits were high as we walked along, crossing a river 23 times.
Our first stop was a climb up to the "Art Gallery" where enjoyed the ancient Ochre stencils and free-hand paintings along the 62mtr long sandstone walls of this significant Aboriginal site.We took the chance for a short break...some needed it. Thanks for "Pastor Way's " sponsored period of silence was impactful in this beautiful and mystical place.
The next on our journey was the "Ampitheatre" ,some 630 mtr off the main track and accessed by a 3 story tiered ladder. Hidden inside of the gorge this 60 mtr deep chamber, gouged from the rock by running water, the towering stone walls created an awe inspiring atmosphere within.
Then it was  to the "Moss Garden" of covered in moss where water drips constantly from the moss covered sandstone walls supporting the lush carpet of mosses, ferns and liverworts. A small waterfall tumbles over a rock ledge into an icy pool.
May have got a few pics in the wrong order but we also went to the Cathedral Cave...this massive wind-eroded overhang sheltered Aboriginal people for thousands of year. By this time temp was rising towards the middle of the day so we enjoyed the cool environment.
So it was the long hot walk back to the car park for the intrepid adventurers ....with water running out and temperature rising the words of the Takarakka staff ringing in our ears "you need to be back by 11am" ....and it was now 11:30am!! So despite a few with cramps we all made it back alive ..just, bikers weren't meant to walk were they. Seriously was an amazing experience that should be on everyone's bucket list.
So once back at camp, a refreshing shower and cold beverage it dawned on us that it was only 1pm ... so the afternoon was all about chilling out ..then we thought we would invade Leigh McQ ( Tasmanian Leprechaun ) air conditioned unit he hired that really a roadtrip :) Another great dinner finishing off all the leftovers from the previous day... it was a great time of comunity, Pastor Way sharing some deep insights and a presentation of a Tajkarakka shirt, made to Leigh McQ for his outstanding effort in surviving the Gorge walk of 17km +....he was 10kg lighter at the end though.
Footnote 1: In Daves photo Leigh is only "scratching his nose"
Footnote 2: we must have put the fear of the exploding BBQ into the stranger who Drew was helping :)