Thursday, January 21, 2016

Magical and Misty Queen Mary Falls January Ride

the magical experience of riding through cloud on the Mountain rd to Queen Mary falls
With weather forecast of colder weather and rain for our first ride of the year I was surprised when around 20 people and 15 bikes arrived for our longish ride via Queen Mary Falls. We had a number of news faces which was great, our first 3 wheel Spyder and motorcycling dog.
even Jesus got a ride on Paulette's new Harley

Our route took us firstly to an amazing breakfast at Woodhill thanks to our great mate Murray..sitting on a great Queensland veranda enjoying food and fabulous community...doesn't get any better than this.

 Our route from Woodhill saw us head via Boonah to the great roads around lake Moogerah and Mt Alford then up to Queen Mary Falls before a great run down through the wheat fields and sweeping corners to Cunningham gap.

Despite the infrequent drops of rain it was the twisty country roads leading to the base of the mountain was fun....but as we moved into the mountain, through the varied Landscape reminding us of the "Lord of the Rings", across a couple of streams and up through the towering gum trees we could see the cloud covered top of the mountain ahead of us.

and so we made our way up to the beautiful rolling green plateau, like riding on a carpet....
then into the cloud as we drew close to Queen Mary Falls

So we finally made it to lunch at Queen Mary Falls carpark and enjoyed some great community, food,Rosemary tried the view from an FJR and Peter got friendly with a visitor
With the drizzle returning we made our way just 8km down the road to Dag Falls (just love that name) and got some good pics for heading off down the mountain through Killarney and the other soldier settlements too Cunningham's gap to our refueling stop at Aratuela

check out the following video of ride....