Friday, March 4, 2016

It's a Mouthful of a ride- Numinbah,Tyalgum,Tumbulgum

Another magic day in the great south-east , 30 deg, windy roads and beautiful vista's ... a great day for a ride. With around 20 bikers and a few more to be picked up on the road we also welcomed a few new riders...couldn't be more contrasting bikes..a Ducati 999 Testretta and a Honda Goldwing

The boy's we giving me the hurry up to get going ...too much technology on my behalf

checkout our route here....on the way back we got off the freeway for a detour through Canungra and home
So off we headed picking a number of extra riders as we headed to Numinbah Valley

Pete on his last ride on the Custom 900 :(
Magic those tight bridges though
With everyone hanging out for a cup of coffee we headed off doe MK cafe in Numinbah Valley enjoying the initial twisties then lust landscape of the Valley.
Hugh and his big Goldwing bearing down on me
 Alas  when we arrived at the cafe was closed as were the other cafe in Numinbah Valley....bikers..I mean Brenton not happy :) it was off to Tyalgum and Flutterbies Cafe for brunch.
We were warned about some police hanging around outside of the township but didn't seem to be interested in us..we gave them a nice wave :) 
We then enjoyed climbing out of the Valley then navigating our way over the border then down through Chillingham and the beautiful rolling landscape to Tyalgum

By the time we made it to Tyalgum we could eat a horse but had to settle for some coffee and pancakes and great community as usual...the temp was hot down in the Valley.
nothing like sharing great food with friends...whats with the phone Paulette?
Little did we know that the engine red light that appeared on the ducatti when he pulled up was to present us with some issue on leaving....some 4o minutes later after attempting push starts...ringing mechanic friends etc it was decided to leave the bike at the post-office and get it picked up ...thanks to a BMW100RT and Honda Goldwing the stranded bikers were given a different but comfortable ride home.
waiting and sorting strategies to help that beautiful Ducati 999
So with everything sorted we headed off for our lunch stop at Tumbulgum Pub ...I always forget the daylight saving time but got in before closing.... we had a great lunch and views right on the river...jet ski's...houseboats lovely
It was then a great back through the cane fields and along the ridge toward Tullebudgerra creek connection road and our end point at the West Burleigh Caltex ...unfortunately due to some communication issues our group got split so not everyone got to ride this last stage but all was good and everyone enjoy a fabulous day of riding food and friends!!!
amazing vistas through the cane fields where we came across a cycling event...ohhh, so much lycra :)

so... check out our longer than normal video , appologies for the over dubbing narration..trying something new.