Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Sunshine coast hinterland ride to Pelican Waters

Band of Bikers at the Pitstop Cafe on Mt Mee....with some artistic effects
The weather for the ride quickly improved to beautiful blue sky's in the morning though thunderstorms were threatening for late in the day. We met up again with our 4WD group so it was all gathered to depart on our fun for the day...plenty of banter as usual :) 

always wanted to know what the view was like from a Goldwing...thanks Geoff...note artistic treatment :)
The ride was a little over 300km and covered some new roads in the Mooloola Valley which was awesome. After ending the ride at Pelican Waters some made their way back down the more picturesque Steve Irwin Way.

When I saw Des and Dave today I was reminded off those old men in the Muppets throwing cheap shots from the bleaches ..a good laugh to start riding

About 15 bikes left Gateway to meet up with another 10 up at Kallangur Macca's and our fearless leader for today's ride....leaping leprechaun ,Leigh McQueeney....though he was not thrilled with the yellow safety vest :)
As we headed off and navigated some traffic out of Petrie to Dayboro and Mt Mee we were wondering if the rumours of large police presence enforcing the new 60km speed limit on Mt Mee were correct ...but fortunately they weren't
So we wound our way up Mt Mee and its windy roads and beautiful vista's to morning tea at "the Pitstop cafe"

As usual we enjoyed some great community and food ....It was one of the clearest times we have had on Mt Mee and we could see the City from the Pitstop.
most of the Band of bikers enjoying a family pic before heading off
So with our coffee hit well and truly running through our veins we headed across the top of Mt Mee with its awesome views of the Sunshine coast and down the tight bends to the Dáguliar highway, through Woodford thwn back up the moutain towards Maleny before rolling down into Peachester and off to some awesome roads in the Mooloola Valley.
had Sean chasing my rear camera all day ...this vintage treatment give the Honda R1 a new perspective
with the drift camera's playing up I missed most of those amazing Mooloola Valley rides ...but trust me, we will do the run again!
So we made our way back down the highway to Caloundra and some hectic Saturday lunchtime traffic heading to Pelican Waters Tavern for a very nice lunch and more of that amazing Band of Bikers community.
Leigh was happy with his days riding
So as this was the end of the formal ride everyone found their own way home...I took the opportunity to get off the highway and head down Steve Irwin Way ....with obligatory Australia Zoo photo opportunity.
So with the storm clouds brewing it was a little extra  gas to get back to our watch the show.

Check out more of our ride on the video below