Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Creek Weekend- Bikes & 4WD Crazy

I had a great idea that instead of our normal 3 day November roadtrip ...we would take our Band of Bikers and 4wd'ers (rut conduct) to an awesome Christmas creek property for some family fun and adventure....and we certainly got all of that and more.
Unfortunately only a few of us rode bikes whilst other bikers bought their families and vehicles ..which was awesome to see.
we enjoyed a meetup at Beaudesert maccas for morning tea as we made our way out on Friday

So we arrived at this wonderful Christmas property with its quaint old Homestead and amazing shed. The advance party setup accommodation and cooking facilities...the bikers comfortably ensconced in the homestead with the 4WD in tents and caravan.
Now with storm clouds brewing we headed off to cut wood for our evening fires....there were a myriad of dead trees and an eager group of woodcutters armed with chainsaws...and supervisory skills.
After filling up the vehicles with firewood we thought we would head up the mountain on the property for a reconnoiter...but we were greeted by a storm, lightning and hail...we hightailed it down the slippery mountain holding our breath at time..not before God gave us an awesome surprise.
Hail was falling, lightning flashing in we faced a slippery drive back...time to air down...was it cold Mick?
wow...God showing his spectacular grandeur
When we arrived back it was time to set up for an evening meal and our obligatory fire pits....a great space for building community.
During the early evening we saw the storm return , not a problem for those sleeping in the homestead but made life for some in tents a little difficult.
As we woke to a better day we planned for a meetup at Oreilly's with bikes running through Canungra and the 4WD's running up duck creek rd.

As the bikes enjoyed a twisty run up to Oreilly's we had one eye on the skies not wanting to be caught on the mountain in the rain....whilst we enjoyed ascending through the gumtree line we were caught off guard by the impact of the storm which created deep and wet leaf litter all across the road making staying upright a challenge.
a great ride to O'Reillys.... variety of landscapes and in the end...a dirty bike
view from Oreilly's

t was an enjoyable time at O'Reillys as we shared some good food, some talking to the animals and even a walk along the rainforest "skywalk" ..a great time.

It was then down the mountain and the backroads back to Christmas creek  .... being stopped by a herd of dairy cattle to provide some comic relief. The run down Kerry rd to the Darlington range then onto Hill view .

So it was back to Christmas creek..enjoying the setting sun for some dinner and Movie night...and you guessed it ..."Wild Hogs" was on the menu. Despite plenty of preparation for board children they never bothered with DVD's or technology...too busy riding around the property, swimming in creeks, patting horses, climbing get the picture. Hmmm..a whole different way to live.
Calebe enjoyed some spectacular pork while we were away :)

We awoke to on Sunday to a spectacular day...after some discussion we agreed to hold a small service down at camp with concern about accessibility up and down the mountain. It was an awesome time as we shared what the weekend had meant to us, enjoyed communion and prayed together.
great community of food, the dishes and communion
With a few hours before lunch we decided to give it a go to try and get to the top of the mountain and its beautiful vista' would be a great way to finish our weekend together.
We celebrated an awesome weekend with great people from a small plateau on the mountain top...wishing that we could stay longer.

So once packed up the bikers made their way home via Rathdowney, MT Alford, Lake Moogerah and Boonah ...what a way to finish!
Check out a video of the weekend below....and sorry you 4WD'ers , of course it has lots of motorcycle riding :)