Monday, November 21, 2016

November- time to ride the Northside to Kenilworth

It was time to go across the great river divide to the northside and the great sunshine coast hinterland roads to Kenilworth. With a great group of 22 bikes and 25 bikers it was just another awesome ride in the great Sth East!
We welcomed a few new bikers on the ride and enjoyed our usual pre-ride community before heading off to BP Caboolture to meet up with northern riders and a big surprise.
welcome to John, Cindy,David and Joanne
So it was going to be a long 350km day which was made longer by the intervention of the boys in blue.

As planned we headed off up M1 to BP roadhouse Caboolture to meetup with Leigh McQueeney our fearless ride leader for this run and a few other northern riders...well that was the plan but riding into BP we were confronted by chaos, motorbikes and cars everywhere...and the boys in blue writing out tickets at their leisure.

Apparently there was a very large meetup of not so suburban bikers and the police were in a feeding frenzy with non-compliance everywhere....unfortunately no video was taken though one photo was found of our unfortunate Gold coast member...Scott, who was the unfortunate one sprung for a non-compliant helmet ( 1 in 3 that road past the police were the same) but he got the $365 fine and 3 demerit points (later he became known as D.Merrit). The big issue was he couldn't ride till he had a compliant one! So off they went to buy a new one before joining us again at coffee stop at Woodford bakery.
B.o.B enjoying Woodford bakery break...Brenton checking his notifications
We had to wait for the other helmet buying bikers to join us...things were settling down after a disruptive start but Scott seemed to have moved on...check out the video below.

Finally we headed off to the twisty roads up to Maleny then over and down the Mary valley to Kenilworth... snaking our way through the hills with a large group of bikes.

...and who said Harleys couldn't go around corners....its an awesome run down the valley

We were heading for the Pub at Kenilworth for lunch ...and you never know what you come across ....we saw a bike towing a trailer...good idea
We settled into the pub for a good lunch and refreshing liquid. Everyone were on high spirits after a great run..

potato wedge temptations and the worries of a ride leader
Another great time of community but it was time to retrace our steps back up to Maleny...its a nice road up as well then some sunshine coaster split off and headed home...the southerners headed back home via Mt Mee (we do eat twisties for breakfast) , stopping at the pit stop for afternoon tea before getting fuel at Dayboro and battling the late afternoon Saturday traffic home through the city.
Check this video I call ..."Where's John" , a close call as we entered pitstop cafe :)

The pitstop cafe on Mt Mee is a great place to stop with awesome views for a selfie :)

So ended another awesome day riding in the Great Sth East ...and though it started in an unfortunate way (sorry scott) it got better and better as the day went. Riding clears the mind and gets you in tough with the amazing God who created all of this...and as we know   "your tribe determines your vibe" and riding with this awesome community really does fill your tank.
You can enjoy more great vision in the video below...also please forgive me for my first Vlogging attempt, many newbie mistakes ( always in conversation with ray om the intercom but you can;t hear the other side of the conversation :) also a little crackling noise I need to sort out.